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Welcome to Kalinga Panels
Fundamentally STRONG... to Last LONG!
Our company offers high-quality hardwood furniture panels, both finger-joined and (full-length) edge glued. Each panel is custom made according to the client's requirements. Before the finished products are sent out, they are marked and stored in a controlled environment. All our products pass through a rigorous production process that guarantees high-quality and durability. Our pictures display the real (wood) products and every piece of wood is unique and may feature unique patterns, knots and shades of color.
We build our products to fit your needs. Balancing our customers’ demands for facility efficiency, technology integration, and user satisfaction is what we do best. We design utility and flexibility into every one of our products.
We’re here to make your job easier. Modularity, durability and quality – all wrapped up in one. We design and engineer our furniture from the ground up to withstand heavy use.
We believe in our products so much, we back them for life. Our single-minded customer-focus comes through in the exacting quality that we build into our products.
Welcome to Kalinga Panels
The Whole New World of Exclusive Panels.
Quality Craftsmanship
Since (1960)
Exceptional Value
In everything we make.